Here is some info on a cheap and reliable onboard glow set up


Parts List:

part # 274-1569 Size M Coaxial DC Power Plug....... For charge Jack $2.49 2 pack
274-1563 Size M Panel Mount DC power Jack..... $1.99
275-634 SPST ToggleSwitch $2.99
C size Battery Holder $.99
Rechargeable 2000mah C Battery $7.49 2 pack


23-520    C Cell 1.2 volt 3000 Mah NiMh battery

23-334    Universal Charger

I've switched to using Nickel Metal Hydride batteries rather than the nicad shown.

NiMh batteries offer better duration and aren't all that much more expensive.

you'll also need some 18-20 gauge wire.






That is Ty Brown's SM 79 in the picture of the mounting. I've seen this done by Dave Platt and the pix come from Ty's post on another web site.


Here is a shot of the battery, charger and homemade charge lead I use.